Frangopoulos G. Vasileios

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“Hear then what is not my wisdom, but of some very enlightened old man: If you see things with the eyes of a bee, you will see all things honey. But if you see them with the eyes of a fly, you will see them all as impurities."

With these words the abbot stood up, considering that the discussion was over. George also got up and headed for the door. Just before going out, he stopped and turning around answered:

"If you put a bee in a stable, it will get up and leave because it won't find anything useful. If you put a fly in the bee, the bees will kill it. How and when I leave here will show what I am."

When the white-haired old man was left alone, he stood in prayer posture under the icon of the Virgin Mary and in a broken voice whispered:

“My dear, a fly came to Your Orchard. You, who quickly hasten to whoever calls on You and who has compassion on us all, intercede for Your Son to have mercy on him! He lost his way, let him not lose his soul too..."

A subversive story of personal search, between faith and atheism.

The questioning of human certainties and the experiential approach to Truth, against the background of the orchard of Panagia.

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 352

Διαστάσεις: 14X21

ISBN: 978-960-619-028-5

Κωδικός: 20611