Franzolas Giorgos

Giorgos Frantzolas was born in 1963 in Drama and grew up in Thessaloniki. He is a professor of philology and works in the city of Xanthi. He has released two personal records. The album NIGHT FROM SENTEFI, with performers Maria Fotiou and Thanasis Gaifillia, and HERE THE DREAMS AWAKEN with Kaiti Koullia and Dimitris Zervoudakis.
He wrote the lyrics for the album "EVERYTHING IS OTHERWISE" to the music of Vangelis Kontopoulos and participated as a composer and lyricist in other artists' albums.
In 2010, his book entitled "TO KAMINI POU DROSIZEI" was published, which contains a series of essays and studies on the music of the language, about Alexandros Papadiamantis and N.G. Pentziki. His prose and essays have been published in speech and art journals.

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