Hemmings p Jonathan

Fr Jonathan Hemmings was born in Wolverhampton, Great Britain. He graduated in Biblical Studies from the University of Sheffield (1974) and studied Theology and Pastoral Studies at the Universities of Cumbria, Wales and Oxford.
He worked in Secondary Education in Great Britain, from where he retired in 2011.
He was an Anglican priest for twelve years, before his conversion to Orthodoxy. He was ordained an Orthodox priest in 1995 by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe Mr. Gabriel (Patriarch of Antioch) and currently serves as vicar of Holy and Living Cross Parish in Lancaster, as well as Orthodox vicar of Lancaster University.
He wrote the Life of St. Leobas of Wyborn (d. 782 AD), an Orthodox saint of the pre-schism era, and has translated into English the Life of St. Joachim of Ithaca (1868†).

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