Hatzimichail Eleni

Eleni Chatzimihail was born in Akanthou, currently occupied Cyprus. She studied at the Cyprus Pedagogical Academy and worked as a teacher in primary schools. He then obtained a degree in pedagogy from the University of Ioannina and a postgraduate degree M.A. in language and culture from the University of Thessaloniki. She served as a Consultant Superintendent in elementary schools.
She deals with literature, especially children's, and her works have been awarded in many competitions such as: Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Cyprus Children's Youth Book Association, Women's Literary Society of Athens, Company. Christ Letters of Athens, Panhellenic Union of Writers, EPOK of Cyprus, RIK, SIMAE, and others.
He collaborates with RIK and the magazine Paediki Hara. He participated in many missions of Religious Enlightenment in Eastern European countries with lectures in universities, talks in parishes and programs in schools. For her contribution she was awarded a medal by the Archbishop of Belarus.
He was the president of the refugee association "I Akanthou" and of the co-ordinator Christ. of women's associations of I. M. Tamasos and Orini. He was recently elected Mayor of the occupied Municipality of Akanthous. She is married to Sotiris Chatzimichail, who illustrates her books, and they have five children.
Her following books have been published:

Hand to Hand (novel)
Praise S.P.N.B.

Little Ones in the Struggle (novel)
Commendation of the Ministry of Education

Close to Mother (novel)
1st Prize S.P.N.B.

First Resurrection (short stories)
1st Greek Spirit Award Ohm. Cyprus

Playing... I remember
(variety book for children
with themes from Akanthou)

Turning the light
(Christmas Poetic Scenes)

Our fight is like a fairy tale
(Dedication to the 1955 Match)
1st Prize S.M.A.E. 1995.

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