Hatzifotis Ioannis

I. M. Hatzifotis was born in 1944 in Alexandria, Egypt to Dodecanese parents and passed away in July 2006 in Athens. He completed his high school studies in Averofio and has studied philology in Athens and sociology of religion in Catania, Sicily.
He was Grand Archon Memorator of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and Grand Archon Hieronymus of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. From 1982 to 1998 adviser and press and public relations representative of the Archbishop of Athens Seraphim and from 1983 director of the official organ of the Church of Greece "Ecclesiastical Truth". Director and press representative of the Holy Synod from 1984 to 1995.
He was involved in poetry, book criticism, radio, television, theater. His studies have been published in various historical, literary and scientific journals. His multifaceted writing work includes presentations at international scientific conferences, publications in honorary volumes and yearbooks and books on the subject of modern Greek history, such as those mentioned by Anthimos Gazis, TH. A. Paschidis, N. Dimitrakopoulos, Mount Athos, the Patmos and Meteora, the Dodecanese, the national struggles of the church, Gregory V, Alexandria. It brought to light a number of unpublished documents from the General Archives of the State and other historical records. His work "Alexandria (The two centuries of modern Hellenism, 19th-20th)" was awarded by the Academy of Athens. He was a member of the Society of Byzantine Studies, the National Society of Greek Writers, the Society of Historical Studies on Modern Hellenism, the Philological Association "Parnassos", a regular partner of the Society of Byzantine Studies, the Mediterranean Academy of Rome, the Hellenic Bibliographic Society, vice-president of Appeal of the Acropolis, general secretary of the Union of Journalists - Owners of Scientific Magazines, member of the Hellenic Association of Public Relations Consultants, Gen. secretary of the Hellenic Committee of the Friends of the Library of Alexandria.
He was a regular contributor to almost all daily Athenian newspapers and magazines: "Ethnos", "Neon", "Eleftherotypias", "Vradynis", "Estias", "Kathimerini", "Apogeumatini", "Acropolis", "Ikonon", "Epikairon". ", "Illustrated History" and "Free Press" columnist in the insert "Orthodoxy and Hellenism".