Faith, existence, relationships #2

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What I love is born without ceasing. What I love is at the beginning of everything. (Odysseus Elytis, Helios the First, III)

There are believers unable to relate. They cause grief.

We see relationships around us, in which one or both have no faith. Not to God, but to the other. They breed abort.

And yet we see relationships, with or without faith, in which existence is not real. Man does not exist, not in the juvenile humorous sense ('that man does not exist'!) but in the sense of the existential lie. He strives to copy others, whether real or created in his imagination. Meeting such people brings despair.

Do we have a way to make all three work together harmoniously? Our psychosomatic existence, our faith in Christ and in people, the vital relationships for all of us? Can we reach a level of functionality in which each of the three factors does not negate the others but strengthens them?

Since 2017, the very creative "ProsOpsis" Institute has taken the beautiful initiative of organizing conferences in which it facilitates the dialogue of young faithful people. And so, in the summer of 2018, a three-day meeting took place in Xanthi, the fruits of which you will have the opportunity to study in the book you are holding in your hands.

Her subject matter was various aspects of this very combination. The speakers, clergy and mental health experts, presented concerns, while the young delegates gave life to the discussion. Then the pandemic came and stopped the game, but not for long. The effort continues!

We thank Alexis Lappa, Andronikis Dragou and their good colleagues for their great initiative. We also express our gratitude to the friends of "En Plo" publications, who tirelessly continue to enrich us with important books. And we wish our young people, despite the strange times, to do better than us elders in the realm of existence, which believes and relates...

Prot. Vassilios Thermos

The texts in this volume are texts and suggestions from
2nd Panhellenic Scientific Educational Conference for Youth on Faith, Existence and Relationship Xanthi, July 26-28, 2019

Editing by:
Father Basilios Argyriadis

They write:

Fr. Sofronios Gutzinis | Alexis Lappas
Father Theodosios Martzouhos | Father Miltiadis Zervas Iakovos Martidis
Chrysostomos Stamoulis Anastasia Moraitaki | Bright Nettle
Androniki Dragou | Father Vassilios Thermos