The other logic of orthodox theology about death

Schmemann p. Alexandros

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The other logic of orthodox theology about death

God created the world as a means of communion with Him, but man willed it exclusively for himself. Instead of returning God's love with his own love, man loved the world as an end in itself. But the world in and of itself is not an end. Just as food lacks purpose if it is not transformed into life, so the world, ceasing to submit to God, plunged into an endless confusion, an absurd cycle of temporal succession in which everything is constantly changing, increasingly dissipates and finally dies.

Christianity transcends man's dependence on the world, by transforming the world itself into life. And life means sharing in God. If the world ceases to transmute into something, if life ceases to be transformed into society with Absolute Meaning, Absolute Beauty, Absolute Goodness, then this world not only loses its meaning, but turns into death.

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