Petros Botsis

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What is worth noticing is how both the narrative part, which refers to the nun Cassiani and the hieromonk Kallistratus, and the didactic part, i.e. the one hundred and two chapters on divine and Christian love, are two amazing texts, real masterpieces, from the best that the Christian secretariat may have to present to us.
In Kassiani, faith, as well as the practical and discreet asceticism of the hieromonk Kallistratus, transforms a willing and somewhat real murderer into a truly devoted nun, who influences her entire wide environment with her great love and self-denial. Her tomb is fragrant and miraculous and, together with the tombs of Saint Savva (the greatest saint of the Serbs) and the hieromonk Kallistratus, it becomes a place of pilgrimage, a source of miracles. [...] (From the edition)

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