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This book is an attempt to modernize the daily life of relationships and one of the most important books of our ascetic tradition, the "Ladder" of Saint John of Sinai. Ascetic books and ascetic tradition are signposts for us "in the world". Monks and nuns may live the spiritual life in its details, and this is their struggle, but we "in the world" are not exempt. That is why it is valuable to try to incorporate exercise into our own lives. To strive to see both ourselves, our character, our small or large quirks, and others through the truth of spirituality.
This way particularly embraces family life. Love. The marriage. Parent-child relationships. The upbringing. If it becomes an experience and does not remain only in theory, then the ascetic tradition becomes a springboard for a comprehensive view of life and people, temptations, crosses, resurrections, always as an application of the ethos of the Gospel. And, at the same time, it becomes an opportunity to view the world in which we live through a perspective of hope in the light of Christ.
Father Themistocles Mourtzanos was born in Ermoupolis, Cyclades in 1971. He finished his encyclical studies in Larissa. In 1992 he received a degree in Philology and in 1998 a degree in Theology from the University of Athens. In October 2001, he obtained a Master's Degree, while in 2009 he was awarded a Doctor of the Department of Pastoral and Social Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
In December 1995 he was ordained a deacon in Volos and in September 1996 he was ordained an elder by the then blessed Metropolitan Dimitriados Christodoulos. He served in the Holy Diocese of Dimitrias as Youth Officer, Press Representative, Head of the Publications and Internet Department, as well as the Camps Department.
Since 2002 he has been serving as a theologian in Secondary Education. In 2003, he was transferred to the Holy Diocese of Corfu, where he serves as General Hierarchal Commissioner, as Youth Manager, as well as for the circle of students and scientists of the local Church.
He is a partner of the radio station of the Church of Greece. He writes regularly in the daily and periodical press, as well as in ecclesiastical and scientific publications. He is married and the father of four children.

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