Frangopoulos G. Vasileios

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"You know what it's like to wear a cassock and feel like you're just a hanger-on?

Do you know it's the heaviest garment ever made?'

"No one has the right to impose anything on anyone. God gave us the right of free will, the infamous "autonomy". I had to tell them what is right and the consequences of wrong and then let them decide for themselves. Then I realized that it is not enough to know what is right and proper. If you do not preach it with love to the other and with understanding of his weaknesses and peculiarities, you are neither a preacher nor a Spiritualist. This is what a good Spiritualist should do. I should have been papa-Charalambos, but I was more papa-Rambo...".

The story of a zealous priest and his lazy subordinate.

A path of discovery of the deepest self,
that we all hide inside...


Vasilios Fragopoulos was born in the refugee town of Nicea in 1969. He has studied iconography and pre-hospital assistance. He works as a rescuer at EKAV. A technical manual for making portable icons has been released by Ion publications entitled Amateur Hagiographer. He has also published the study As Disciples of Homer, on the subject of the figure of speech of simile and how we find it in early modern Greek literature. EN PLO publications also publishes his book "A fly on Mount Athos".

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ISBN: 978-960-619-149-7

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