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I have to confess that I am poor in spirit, strengthened many times over by the Church. From the study of the monuments of our religious tradition, I drew conclusions about symmetrical asymmetry, about the fact that geometrically it is more correct to be practically not exactly square, about the meaning of rhythm as a basic interpretive element of the world and of human life, about the importance of choice As for a smaller unit, so that the whole is fair, about the limits of the personal and that this can sometimes be better expressed through copying, because the beautiful, when there is an emotion to it, can be fragmented and transferred outside of the unity which gave birth to it, in another and another, until today it can be surrounded by the mythical alurgida of Homer's poems and, dressed in the old fashioned, presented in sync with the most current philosophical views. This is how I came to justify the words of my mother's mother, when she was changing my underwear as a baby: "Christ and the Virgin change and my grandson wears the apophoria".

"The Spirit spoke in the text Eros of the Church"
(Zisimos Lorentzatos)

"There could not be a better example of a modern expression and formulation of the doctrine of the Church than the Pre-Ecclesiasm"
(D. G. Koutroumbs)

"These are not texts. They are holy relics, which can be touched. You kiss them. You put them on your chest as a talisman. They unite and nourish"
(arch. Vasilios Gontikakis, prior of I. M. Iberon)