Angeliki Mastromichalaki and Pantelis Zouras

Angeliki Mastromichalaki was born on Chios, and is married with two children.

She studied education, psychology and philosophy, and has a PhD in philosophy. She works in the public education sector as the head of a junior school. She is an active member of the Women's Literary Team and of the Greek Children's Book Circle, which is the Greek branch of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). She has taken part in research programs and international seminars on teaching and practice in the classroom, on Love of Reading, creative strategies in schools, new teaching methods, literature and children's books. She is enrolled in the training register of the program 'Creative strategies for enhancing pupils' love of reading' and has taken on a training role in seminars, training teachers in primary and secondary education to encourage the use of children's books in education. She has published 12 books for children, literary, educational and coursebooks for junior schools, and has contributed to 16 volumes of literary and scientific writings. She writes articles and chapters for books on the child, the family and education from 1993 until the present day. She often meets her readers at schools, parishes and book festivals throughout Greece, Cyprus and Europe. She has a webpage at which focuses on love of reading, the family and education.

Pantelis Zouras was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in Athens, where he still lives.

He studied theology at Athens University and Byzantine music at Saint Andrew's School, attached to the Holy Church of Nea Smyrni in Athens. He has always had a particular affection for children's literature, and writes children's books in his free time. He teaches theology at the Leontios Secondary School (Lycée Léonin) in Nea Smyrni. His interest in education motivated him to take part in co-writing the religious instruction books for children in the third and fourth years of primary school, which were used in schools from 2006 until 2017. His writing has been applauded by, among others, the Archbishop of Athens and the Greek Association of Christian Writing. He has collaborated, as a volunteer member of the Greek National Committee for UNICEF, with many public bodies on the issues of social awareness and the promotion of children's rights. He has a website at which focuses on love of reading, the family and education. He is married and the father of two children.

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