Life and teachings of the elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Thaddeus Strbulovich

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All things here in this world, all good and all evil, come from our calculations. Calculations define our lives. If they are quiet, meek and simple, our lives will be the same, and we will have peace within us; peace that will radiate from within and affect everything around us - people, animals, even plants. Such is the "mechanism of calculations," which produces calculations by which we influence all other men. And everyone expects from us peace, comfort, love and respect.

Many calamities often befall us; and they are all due to the fact that we have not yet humbled ourselves. When our soul humbles itself and bows before the will of God, our sufferings and calamities will cease. Because then, calamities and sufferings will somehow become dear to us. We will come to have a completely different perception of life. We will no longer think according to the laws of this world. We will see everything through a different light. Whatever we look at will seem somehow brighter, full of love. All will be well, because it is pleasing to God...

The life and teaching of the elder Thaddeus on calculations, family life, humility, service to fellow man, monasticism, repentance, prayer, love, digestive creatures, spiritual struggle, faith, inner peace, the spiritual world.

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