Autobiographical narratives

Agios Loukas of Simferoupolis

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"Traveling through pain" is the title of the autobiography of Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferoupolis, who in a very short time became widely known to our pious people, was much loved and is now widely honored, while new miracles of the Saint are constantly being remembered in the lives of those who are invoked.

The Saint records his journey, which is a journey through a pack of wolves that try to devour him, but each time God's grace "amuses the nations". Thus his journey was truly a journey through pain and at the same time a shocking experience of God's presence. Because of this, this pain and trials did not bend the spirit of the Saint, but they steeled him and cultivated in his soul an unwavering faith, an absolute trust in the person of Christ.

He dictated his autobiography to his secretary in 1958, three years before he fell asleep, because he himself was blind. Reading this record of the events of life and the way in which he each time faced difficulties and temptations, one sees a man who experienced the liturgical exhortation "all our lives we surrender to Christ God".

Saint Luke does not belong to some distant era. He is the Saint of our days. He stood fearless and free in the face of every threat and demonstrated how every man can remain free and strong in the face of any regime of slavery...

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