Stories of Mental Resilience and Forgiveness

Galiti Peli

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We live a distorted life, with many open wounds and dead moments. We are called to transform our personal trauma that hurts us and does not let us live, into something stronger that will awaken us and give us back our lost life force.

Every pain inside us, instead of contaminating us, can become a priceless treasure to the extent that we accept it and know how to deal with it. If we handle it right and don't push it away, it will be the springboard for transformation.
Through the painful but healing process of forgiveness, little by little the heart softens. All the dysfunctional precepts that we have carried for so many years and held us down, all the weights that did not let us fly and kept us immobilized on the ground, now miraculously disappear. We begin to become compassionate and merciful towards the whole world. We find that if we don't love we narrow ourselves down. When we love, the heart expands and then we want to hug them all. We live in the world but in a different way. The new life, with the beginning we make every day, opens before us accompanied by a sense of personal responsibility and hope. The path now is not downward, as it used to be; we feel that we are going up, even when we are in pain. And all this is a miracle.
The miracle should not be expected but realized...

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