George MacDonald

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Original title: The Miracles of our Lord

Translation: Christos Triantafyllopoulos

Christ's miracles are one of the ways in which his invisible life was manifested, and through them we can gain some knowledge of that life. He, the Word of God, came that we might know God. Therefore, every word of his is necessary for us to know both him and God. Therefore, we must understand, as far as possible, his every word and every action of his, which in his case is but another form of speech. I believe this is what we were created for. I still believe that this will ultimately lead to the unraveling of the tangle of the universe, which now seems to all of us, more or less, a complex and incomprehensible affair.

I believe that it does not take much faith to believe in miracles, since true faith is strength and not mere concession. There are much harder things to believe in than miracles. After all, man is not asked to believe in them except in the same way that he believes in Jesus.

If Christ came to reveal his Father, so that he might be heard by men, then the works which his Father does in such breadth and greatness, which surpass human vision, the Son must make them small and distinct before the eyes of men. their eyes.

This, I think, is the true nature of miracles: an epitome of divine processes in nature, considered in direct connection with their source—a source hitherto invisible to the eyes and too often to the hearts of men, invisible as it was behind the processes of natural law. Jesus did the works of his Father in such a way that people could see God's will being done.

There are some, I think, who might more readily accept the stories of the New Testament if miracles were not interposed as a hindrance. However, it might be easier for them to accept both if they could look for once at the true meaning of these miracles. As they observe them superficially, all they possibly see is a violation of the laws of nature. But if they can see their true meaning, they will recognize there at least a possible fulfillment of its most fundamental laws.

Let us recognize, then, the fact that the miracles of the Son are epitomes of the works of the Father. What in the hands of the Father are the powers, advances and conquests of life, in the hands of the Son are miracles.

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