Kalogeropoulos Angelos

Angelos Kalogeropoulos was born in Kyparissia in 1959. He is a graduate of the philosophy faculty of the University of Athens and holds a doctorate in musicology. He worked as a philologist in Secondary Education. He has published the poetry collections " Erodia", Erurem (1986), "Solution of the continuity of the skin", Planodion (1990), "Syrma", Armos (1997), "Slow Lessons", The Society of Fine Arts (2002), "The Bright Window", Indiktos 2004, "So It Is", Armos 2010, the study "The Thrus of the Skin. Music in Papadiamantis", Armos 1994, "Narratives of a Next World", Armos 2013, "Anacomidi", En Plo 2016 and "GYFTOPOULA" by Alexandros Papadiamantis: Introduction-Text Editing-Notes, Building 2021

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