Petros Botsis

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In the sacred services of the Church, in the sacraments, in the orderliness of church life, the Christian obtains the peace of his soul, as well as the consolation and rest of his heart. Man's nature is then reborn and renewed, and the God of peace and love dwells in his humble, meek, obedient, compassionate and loving soul. The Christian then feels experientially a supreme blessing, greater than which does not exist on earth. No calamity and no suffering can tarnish this peace of the Christian. From the history of the Church of Christ we are taught that holy people rather rejoiced in their sufferings and glorified God for their sorrows in prisons and chains, in deserts and caves. In the midst of privations they had as much peace of mind and tranquility as people who live in all comfort and sufficiency do not have. Even death did not scare them. They awaited his arrival calmly and departed for the Lord in peace. (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)

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