Archim. Basil Iberitis

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You are often asked the question: what are you writing now? And you cannot answer because your job is not to write but to be created by the hands of the Invisible.

Writing is a consequence, like the footprint left by a slug crawling on the ground.

Writing begins with the hesitation of a small child. Proceed to the comfort of the formulation. To reach the silence that interprets the unspoken.

The challenge is for man to say, as much as possible, a lot with less and in the end to say everything with nothing.

You accomplish the difficult things when you do not make the decision about which way your creation and life will take, but He who is your life.

You don't rest so you can write. Sometimes you keep quiet about what you wrote, like a bird incubates the eggs it has laid, so that the life hidden inside them can be released.

True writing comes by itself, as it turns the field green in the spring and sweetens the grape in the summer. Let everything flow freely in the climate of life.

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