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Christ-centeredness is not an exercise that can be easily embraced and followed. To be able to suffer the sneers and scorns of the people of the world in his filth and filthiness, man must be armed with great faith and patience, he must perhaps have attained to perfection and apathy, he must have been completely freed from the corrupting suffering. Otherwise he will not be able to withstand this hard exercise. But there were many saints who managed to overcome their passions, to overcome their egoism with their humiliation and to become great saints and miracle workers, but to fight their pride, after a miracle they also made a mess , lest the world praise them.
Our Church has many such saints. The first of all to appear were St. Andreas, through Christ Salos, and St. Simeon, also through Christ, Salos. Afterwards, through Christ, there appeared many and in various places. One of these blessed souls was the biographical saint Agni, through Christ Sali. (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)

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