Petros Botsis

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The holy Basilisk was a choice vessel of the Holy Spirit. He first settled in the forests of Bryansk and Siberia, where he devoted himself with great zeal to the prayer of the heart. His zeal and diligence in this sacred work had wonderful results on the ardent ascetic.
Over time he began to taste the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in various ways. He lived in a God-graceful state, he felt the operation and the openings of God's grace upon him, but he did not hide them from his spiritual friend and student, Father Zosimas. And Fr. Zosimas zealously recorded all the God-given experiences of his Elder in a special notebook, from which we also know his ascetic struggles, the secret theories and the gifts he received from God, as a reward for his fervent zeal and of his matches.
His life is truly fascinating and moves every soul striving to travel unhindered to the Kingdom of Heaven. (From the release presentation)

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