The company with the name "BILALIS G. - KARAVANIS A.O.E" and the distinguishing title "EDSOIS EN PLO" (hereinafter "organizing company"), based in Athens, organizes a promotional activity ("competition") on the e- her shop.

In order to participate in the competition, the purchase of a product is required.

All those who have made purchases over €30 on the www.enploeditions.gr site from 02/04/2022 until 04/30/2022 automatically participate in the draw. Participants accept the conditions posted in this e-shop.

The prizes of the competition will be ten (10) and one corresponds to each of the winners of the competition. The prizes* are personal and the winners of the competition have no right to exchange them for money or other products.

1. A MacBook Air Apple M1 Chip - 256GB, worth €1179

2. Two Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 WiFi 32GB Tablets worth €229/ pc

3. Three Canon Instant Camera Zoemini S2 Dark Teal worth €189/ piece

4. Four Smartwatches Amazfit GTS 2e Black worth €149/ pc

* The gifts may differ in terms of the color of the model


Natural persons who have reached the age of 18 and have full legal capacity are entitled to participate. In the event that the participant is under 18, there must be consent to participate from the parent or guardian and in the event that the winner is drawn, the receipt must be made by the parent or guardian who gave consent for participation.


Excluded from the competition are the executives and employees/employees of the company "BILALIS G. - KARAVANIS A. OE" as well as the spouses and relatives of the above natural persons by blood or consanguinity up to the second (b) degree.


All those who have made online purchases of more than €30 in the e-shop www.enploeditions.gr participate in the draw. Customers of the online store have the right to unlimited entries per purchase over €30.

The purchases must have been made from 04/02/2022 until 04/30/2022.


The draw scheduled for 11/05/2022 at 12pm, at the En Plo bookstore, in the presence of notary public Mrs. Katerina Papachristou, is postponed, due to an emergency health issue, to Wednesday, May 25 at 12 noon. During the drawing process, ten (10) winners and ten (10) runners-up will be selected.

Thank you for your understanding.

If for any reason it is impossible to conduct the aforementioned electronic lottery on the aforementioned day and time, the company reserves the right to change that day and time. The draw will be conducted using electronic means, which ensure the randomness of the selection and the impossibility of human intervention in the process of selecting the winner and runners-up

Each winner will be notified via e-mail, sms & viber by the organizing company as well as in the initial posting of the competition on the website www.enploeditions.gr, within a period of three (3) working days from the holding of the competition lottery and their selection, without requiring any additional action of acceptance from the users.

The organizing company bears no responsibility in the event of any unsuccessful attempts to contact the winner/alternate and reserves the right to award the Prize to their alternates - or to cancel it. The gift is personal, non-transferable and not exchangeable with other gifts.


All participants accept all the terms of participation in the draw as well as the terms of the Privacy Policy of the Organizing Company. Any participant who does not accept these conditions, in whole or in part, informs the Organizing Company by e-mail, which deletes him from the list of participants and therefore from the draw, as well as from the database maintained by the Organizer for further promotions actions.

All participants expressly and unconditionally acknowledge, declare and accept that:
1. Their personal details are accurate and true.
2. They have reached the age of 18
3. Their personality is not insulted or diminished in any way by their participation in the above lottery.
4. They do not infringe personal data or the right to privacy of any third party.
5. They expressly consent to the Organizer using their personal information for the purpose of participating in the draw.
6. They provide their consent and authorization to the Organizing Company for the promotion of the competition and the raffle, as well as the names of the winners and runners-up, on the official website https://enploeditions.gr as well as in print and electronic media.
7. They provide consent and authorization for the advertising exploitation of each relevant event, without the obligation of prior information or payment of compensation. The Organizing Company also reserves the right to publish audio-visual material from the raffle and the performance of the prizes (eg photography with the prize won).
8. Participation in the raffle constitutes unconditional acceptance of the specific gifts only.
9. Participation in the raffle constitutes unconditional acceptance of the above conditions.
10. Any legal or extrajudicial action against the Organizing Company is waived in the event that the latter determines that the participant must be removed from the Promotion for the reasons stated in these "Competition and Lottery Terms"