The Oxford lady

Blair John

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The life of the saint connected with the founding of the city of Oxford.

Very often the Orthodox have the impression that Christianity is an exclusive affair of the Eastern past. And so we unrecognizedly keep ourselves excluded from a rich Christian tradition that produced in the West, long before the schism, a multitude of saints, ascetics, theologians and enlightened people.

Saint Friedweid yokes us through the depths of time of this rich tradition. She is a saint of our united Church (7th-8th century) and her life is inextricably linked with the founding of the city of Oxford - that is why she is the patron saint of this great and historic English University Campus.

Time tried through changes, schisms, reforms, alterations and alienations to cover the memory of the Saint with myth and oblivion, but it did not succeed. Her footprints remain - faint perhaps but not forgotten - in the flesh of Oxford's place and time. These traces are palpated in this edition: it narrates the synaxari, deciphers its historicity and traces its stamp on today.

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