Synagogues of everyday people

Bithas p. Christodoulos

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A novel of repentance
based on real events

"He felt the scattering of himself every night among so many people. In the morning at the Ministry he was tired of the routine, he was no longer interested in his work, he was tired of the same things. He said he was patient to secure the future and then considered resigning. He always had the feeling that he didn't belong there, that all this was like a dream, many times he woke up restless in the night from an undefined nightmare, he slept very little. All the issues remained the same unresolved, he knew that one day he had to face them, stop hiding, not push them away. Otherwise he had started, he once aspired to dedicate himself to his fellow man, deep down he knew that life was elsewhere, but he didn't know where..."


A path of pain, guilt, alienation and search from the Postcolonial years to today. The heroes of this story were created from the real stories of people who live next to us. We wanted to narrate their lives to tell them that there is still hope, no matter how much someone has failed, no matter how much they have hurt, no matter how much they have done, until that blessed moment comes when they take full responsibility for their lives and wish to reopen to the Light. This is a mystery and words are poor to describe it, but it happens every day around us and we longed to share it.

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 208

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ISBN: 978-960-619-131-2

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