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A little cobbler

It was characteristic of Metropolitan Antonius that he never wrote anything. When he spoke, he addressed his audience as if each person were unique and very dear to him and not as if he were addressing an anonymous crowd. As early as the 60s, his sermons and talks were often taped and then published. Several of his books were published, which are still being reprinted, since they have timeless value. They were translated and circulated in many languages, even in pre-1988 Russia, that is, before their free and official publication.

Metropolitan Antony certainly played a large role in the spiritual renaissance of Russia during the last decades. His sermons focus on Christ, His Gospel and His love for man. His own spiritual experience is a gift to all - a gift that Metropolitan Antonio never hesitated to share with all who met him. He was taking everyone and making them free and responsible partners in a very personal relationship with God, Love incarnate!

Metropolitan Antonios often emphasized that he is not a theologian and that he had never been to a theological school. However, his entire existence and sermons verify the saying of the first fathers of the Church: a theologian is the man of pure prayer, the man who knows God Himself!

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