Sermons on the evangelical readings of the Sundays of the year

Theodosios Martzouhos

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Christ conquered death...by piercing it. He didn't come back to die again. He was not resurrected by returning to the previous condition (commitment of space, food, communication). He was resurrected revealing the real Life that is not defeated by death. He came out of the grave a man but a different man. Which person; He who came forth from the hands of the Creator. One who was not deceived by easy successes. The one who had a free and direct relationship with the beloved Plasti. The Maker who created for him the physical existence and presence, expression and manifestation of the ways of communication: from the look and the caress to the realization of "a flesh".

This man was resurrected by Christ. He gave him wholeness and more. It also gave him possibilities he didn't have. To know and be able to...

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