Self-awareness and search texts based on real experiences

Lappa Seraphim

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This book turns everyday life into a field for exercising discernment and discovering the truth. If there is a heaven it will pass through the truth. The author takes us by the hand to lead us to the surprise that truth is not only what appears at first glance.

Many of the stories in the book have the common feature of describing situations of limited freedom. The mastery of the author teaches us how to draw conclusions deeper, sometimes opposite, than those to which the impulse of the moment pushes us. The culture that surrounds us favors superficiality. This book is a pleasant and practical guide to avoiding it.

We hold in our hands a printed assistant to the discovery of another God, different from the stereotypes of both the faithful and the indifferent. Of a God who prefers us to be free even if we don't see Him that way. A God who constantly supports us in tending to our garden, even if we refuse to attribute to Him the origin of the flowers. A God who, if we even suspect His love in the slightest, we will find Him.
Since there is a heaven...

from the foreword by Fr. Vassiliou Thermos

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