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Hymns of Theotokos feasts

According to Saint Gregory Palamas, the Most Holy Theotokos "is, alone, the border of the created and created nature. No one can approach God except through Her and the Mediator who was born from Her. And none of God's gifts can be given to Angels and people, except through Her! Rightly, therefore, it is the common boast of Angels and men, and it is praised in heaven and on earth.

This fact also shows that the Mother of God hymn Axion is truly blessed in the Theotokos..., which is sung in every Divine Liturgy. It is the common duty of all Christians to praise the Virgin Mary, for all that she has offered us and continues to offer us. And for us holy monks, the debt is much greater, as we feel the Virgin Mary as our mother, food, ally and hope. We do not forget that the preamble of this theological hymn was delivered by an Angel here in the Garden of the Virgin Mary, nor do we forget the theological promises to Saint Peter the Athonite that are mentioned to every saintly Monk.

In this disc, there are hymns from every feast of the Virgin Mary, starting from Her Genesis and ending with the feast of the Dormition. The value is predicated.