Rendered in modern modern Greek

Flora Vgontza / Eleni-Filothei Kalathas

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"People called us crazy. We, if we weren't crazy, wouldn't have made the Revolution..."

The narration of Kolokotronis to Georgios Tercetis in 1836 and the publication of his Memoirs by the latter in 1851 is a milestone as it brought to light a unified narrative of the events of one of the main protagonists of the Revolution. Two hundred years later, the normalization and adaptation of Kolokotroni's language is not only a philological challenge, but also a debt so that this narrative, which reflects an extremely important view of the Revolution, can become the property of many and be read. Thus, it will contribute to the research approach to history through primary sources and their critical approach.

From the foreword by Dr. Stefanos Kavallierakis
Director of the Museum of the City of Athens-Vouros-Eutaxia Foundation

"Ἐν Πλῷ" editions with the present deluxe edition offer the possibility to the reading public to approach a text that is somewhat inaccessible and difficult to read. The rendering of this important work in modern modern Greek was done with respect to the original text. Edited the syntax to make the speech more fluent and understandable. Unnecessary repetitions were removed, verbs and nouns were adapted to our everyday speech, and those words that hinder immediate understanding were translated into modern Greek, so that the content could be immediately understood. At the same time, where deemed necessary, historical information is given about persons or place names of particular importance. We dedicate it to Greeks all over the world. Let's listen carefully to what the old man of Moria has to say...

The text is quoted for the first time in the modern modern Greek language after philological editing . For better reading and understanding, it has been divided into chapters , while each chapter consists of sub-sections. At the same time, with subtitles and footnotes , the reader is given the opportunity to identify in the text the most important events, persons or phrases of the text and to follow the battles and historical events more systematically.

Rendering in the modern modern Greek language with text notation (glossary, comments, observations):

Flora Vgontza , Philologist / Eleni-Filothei Kalathas , Historian

The luxurious collector's volume of the Memoirs of the Old Man of Moria is accompanied by a digital disc , which contains representative texts of the Memoirs, read by Leonidas Kakouris and music by Stamatis Spanoudakis.

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