Kaiti Koullia – Christos Tsiamoulis

Μελωδικό Καράβι
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A long-standing collaboration and artistic relationship gives us
her new creative fruit. Kaiti Koullia and
Christos Tsiamoulis recommend their news
album entitled:

"Ships pass through here"

from "EN PLO - MELODIKO KARAVI" publications.

These are new songs by Christos Tsiamoulis,
but also covers of old favorite songs that
they respectfully continue the great tradition of the islanders
dance purposes.
In this new CD, Christos takes us on a poetic tour

"I got the beautiful verses from friends - living poets
in the sea and personally experience its woes: the
Eleni Perinou, Irini Mastoropoulou-Naufliotis, Mr
Antonis Tzermias and Kostas Kartelias.
They mixed words with music and made songs like
ships. They traveled through Kate's clear voice
Koullia, the lyrical praises of Kyriakos Gouveda, the
exuberant harmonies from Urania's santouri
Lampropoulou and the hug from his lute
Alexandrou Kapsokavadis. They nested in our hearts and
they flew to meet you.
After all, we look like harbors or beaches that await us
always some ship to come to find us and us
brings joy."

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