Downloads of despotic and theotokos feasts: Text, translation, comments

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Church hymns are one of the most basic and valuable elements that make up the liturgical life of our Orthodox Church. Exquisite poetic conceptions and masterful compositions of inspired God-loving men, who experienced the mystery of salvation in Christ in the most shocking way, constitute, for many centuries, the language of the praying Church; they constitute the voice of the believing and adoring Orthodox soul.

Through its hymns the Church prays, theologizes and teaches; through its hymns the Church "knows", that is, lives, and at the same time praises and expresses "the mystery of Christ" (Eph. 4,3).

But also the faithful, sometimes gathered "on the same" (Acts 2,1) and sometimes praying individually, through the hymns we approach the transcendent face of our adored Lord, we honor His Holy Mother and the saints and express our secret joy · the cheerfulness of the soul generated by the inner certainty of our redemption in Christ.