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THE COMPILATION AND CO-PUBLISHING of an author's texts, texts each of which has its own (authorial and publishing) history, is of course an old academic tradition and while I always said, reflecting to myself, that I would not "succumb" to a similar "temptation" , here is now that (also according to the oldest ideological principle) "inference belies opinion".
So, I gather here 43 of my texts, written over a period of 22 years (1992-2014), texts whose common cohesive element is the reference to various parameters of a specific cognitive object of Byzantine musicology. A book of the same name, under the long-winded but descriptive - I think - title Byzantinomusikologia, is thus created, a book which in fact inaugurates a related publishing series (under a corresponding frontispiece Byzantine Musicology), a series whose management was entrusted to me by the Athos publications of Ath. Stamoulis.