Nine texts about the face of the Virgin Mary

Collective work

Εκδόσεις Ιερού Ναού Αγ. Φιλίππου
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Nine texts about the face of the Virgin Mary.

Zoe Pliakos
Godmother Stamatelou
Eleni Tamaresi - Papathanasiou
Eleni Lintzaropoulou
Eleni Zioga
Eleni - Filothei Kalathas
Maria Murza
Christina Papatheou - Douligeri
Marianna Economou

The edition is accompanied by a CD, where the Women's Byzantine Dance of the Psalter Teaching Synagogue performs psalms for the Virgin Mary and odes of the Akathistos Hymn.

"[...] The nine texts of the book, with their theological, poetic or narrative speech, highlight the multidimensional effect that the face of the Virgin Mary had on Orthodox theology and Orthodox experience. For the authors of the book, Zoi Pliakou, Noni Stamatelou, Eleni Tamaresi, Eleni Lindzaropoulou, Eleni Zioga, Eleni-Filothei Kalatha, Maria Mourza, Christina Papatheou and Marianna Oikonomou, the presence of the Virgin Mary in the history of the Divine Economy influenced the written and oral tradition in many ways , the history, art, hymnography, popular consciousness, experience and experience of Christian communities throughout time.Although the nine women's voices in the volume start from different starting points, they meet in the same place, time and context: five of the nine sermons were held on the Fridays of Great Lent last year and four this year at the Holy Church of Agios Filippos Vlassaros.
The nine wonderful texts, women's readings and understandings of the great and important theological truths of our tradition as well as some contemporary challenges and reflections on the face of the Virgin Mary; the critical look and sensitivity, the deep faith and love, even when they rest on of the types of hils, declare that the in-depth, dynamic approach and interpretation of our tradition does not detract from our respect for it. On the contrary, they strengthen our faith and our collective consciousness as the church of Christ. [...]"

Eleni Kasselouris - Hatzivasiliadis.

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