Porphyrios Prodromites

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Thirty dreams, sleeping or waking. Thirty photos, photos-life at the holy Athos...

"Almost all of us gathered. Pope Simon at the sick bed, in the hospital, and we read him the Mass in a heartbreaking way. Lord, Jesus Christ, rest your servant Simon the Hieromonk, in every trope, and he burned his cross. The tropes are over , Pope Thanasis read the wish and left. We didn't understand how.

I went out on the balcony, between the sea and the sky, and I cried and cried. Witness. Martyr. Great martyr. Broken leg, hernias and hernias, hole in belly from old fistula surgery. And more and more. What is said and what is not said. I cried, I cried. And then we picked him up. Something made me remember him. Witness...

Abba Isaac and Abba Avraham were the same householders. And when Abba Abraham entered, he found Abba Isaac crying and said to him: Why are you crying? And the old man said: And why don't we cry? Our fathers fell asleep... Now we have disappeared. This is why I'm crying... that's why I'm crying too..."

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