Mastrogiannopoulos p. Ilias

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"Sometimes I felt alone. But I did not stay here either by compulsion or by chance. I also tried to delve a little, even now in my old age, into the meaning of consecration and the life according to Christ, which I have not yet felt and appreciated how great a gift it is..."

In this book, Father Ilias Mastrogiannopoulos recounts his eventful life, under the condition that this material be made public after his death. Through its pages we follow the modern history of Greece, after the Asia Minor disaster, the effort to rebuild the nation and the work accomplished by the Brotherhood of theologians "LIFE".

In front of us parade great spiritual figures, who played a decisive role in the formation of the new Hellenism, while the personal experiences of Blessed Fr. catechetical and Christian Student Groups. There is no shortage of references to the crisis of separation and disintegration of the Brotherhood, but also judgments and assessments of the spiritual descendants of this movement, who played a decisive role in the following decades. The flourishing of the so-called "theology of the 60's" and the turn to the texts of the Fathers of the Church is vividly described, as well as the orthodox openness to the whole world.

A soul deposit with a creative but also self-critical mood. The scholar and intellectual worker of the Gospel through the revelation of his personal history lets his true and deepest self be revealed: that of the humble Levite with open arms for all who shepherds and guides without extremes but with prudence and discernment.

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