A true testimony of pain and hope

Sandra Johnson

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Losing your child is the ultimate human tragedy. Nothing can exceed the tragedy of such an event, because the death of a child violates every principle on which we have based our lives. This happened to our son too...

It is difficult to talk about the death of our child. We felt the earth go away from under our feet and we found ourselves falling into the abyss. We were falling until "something" stopped our fall. That "something" was the open arms of Christ...

Our pain was unbearable, and yet, in our agony flickered a soft hope that sweetened our hearts. It was hope that was born in that moment, the moment we stood next to our child's motionless and lifeless body and gazed, just at his face. He was dead, yes, but in his death, our son revealed something to us. As realistic as death was, it showed us that even this immutable reality was not final. There was something more permanent, more durable and for that matter, more real. Love...

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