Pastourmatzi Maria

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He suddenly felt dizzy, going crazy... A wave of heat rushed through his veins. It stirred the heart. The two images played in his eyes. The divine side, which opened to feed the dying children, and his side, the human, the little, the earthy, which if opened, would feed a dying child to life.

His calculations stopped. They couldn't bear to go any further. They didn't dare. Warm shivers ran through the body. The heart was beating irregularly. Tears streamed down the face.
"Lord... Lord!"
It was Maundy Thursday. God was sacrificing to him. He was taking Him with Him to Gethsemane. He chose Him to take something from His pain. Let him open the side too, to let life flow.
He couldn't stand it. The calculations were muted again. The simile melted him.
"Lord," she called out to Him lustily. "Sir! Take my square side in return. "That I am a part of your love".
He bowed his body humbly, as if asking to become one with the earth.
"Lord, accept my little, my little sacrifice, my little crucifixion. Life from Life... Give life from my life, Lord!'

Inspired by the sacrificial work of doctors and nurses
and their struggle to selflessly save human lives
this book talks about a God who follows us step by step,
knocks on the door of our souls and waits...

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ISBN: 978-960-619-077-3

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