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The Cretan issue is one of the most important chapters of the Greek political and diplomatic history of the 19th century. The topic "English politics and the Cretan question, 1839-1841", presents a "mobility" on different levels, which could not be covered simultaneously by the present monograph. The Cretan issue in the time period we are studying is combined with the more general policy of the European powers towards the Ottoman Empire, since it manifested itself as a monitoring of its dissolution and maintenance tendencies in the context of the Eastern issue. Consequently, it is examined within the historical events of its time and specifically in the second Turkish-Egyptian conflict, for the settlement of which Great Britain played a primary role. For this reason, it was considered appropriate to precede the review of the international relations of the second eastern crisis of the years 1839-1841, in order to understand the particular importance of Crete in the competition of powers in the area of ​​the eastern Mediterranean.

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