Ιερά Μεγίστη Μονή Βατοπαιδίου
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Today there is a crisis in theological discourse. Yes, there is a rich spoken and written word, through the multitude of sermons, speeches, events, conferences - now also online - and a variety of publications, but it is debatable whether this word fulfills its purpose, responds to the word of the Gospel, so that it is " alive and active", "salt sprinkled".
We can say that two tendencies of theological discourse prevail, which are extreme and are expressed by respective groups of people. On one end are those who want the Church to be modernized and fully identified with contemporary social reality, that is, to "form itself forever". On the other end are those who follow the letter of the Law and not its spirit. Those who have "appointed" judges of the world, the pro-Orthodox, traditionalists and not traditionalists, fanatics and indeed fundamentalists.

Few are those today who articulate a reason that does not move to these extremes, but constitutes the middle ground. This speech is a sober speech, which can draw from both the mentioned extreme tendencies the good facts and reflection; it is the speech that is authentic, the discerning, the healing, the biblical, the Fatherly, the speech of God. Among these rare ones is the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Ierotheos.

We greatly appreciate the theology and experience of Saint Nafpaktos, which few high priests and theologians have. That is why we have invited him many times to come to our Monastery, to speak at gatherings of our Fraternity on various spiritual and theological topics and now we are in the happy position to proceed with the publication of all these lectures-speeches and discussions.
The volume is impressive in terms of content, it has a very broad subject matter, covering all the issues that concern a conscious Christian struggling in the inner life in Christ.

(Arch. Ephraim Vatopedinos, from the presentation on the back cover of the book)