THE LIVES OF THE SAINTS: book with 13 CDs + free shipping

God is wonderful in His saints

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The Synaxaria, that is, the Storytelling of the lives of the thousands of saints, is the real History of their relationship with God as the Church has lived it and handed it down to us in writing. The Saints are fellow citizens of the angels and brother of Christ, who like the sun reflects on them, appearing through them countless times in a unique way each time. The Saints who already dwell in Upper Jerusalem. in the "Land of the Living", in the city of the great King, are living examples and tributes of inspiration for everyone who wishes to live according to His commandments.


"Nicephorous Callistos of Xanthopoulos of Synaxaria, in the official feasts of the Triodion, each one of them gave reasons, how and when they did it in the first place and for what reason they are like this now, and in spite of the holy and God-fearing fathers they were ordered. beginning with the Publican and the Pharisee , and ending up to All Saints".

The present audio transfer makes it even more accessible to everyone, since with modern media anyone can listen to it anywhere. Repeating the saying of Saint Nile of Sarah, I say: "I pray for the readers and listeners, that they may find Mercy. I am a sinner and wretched and incapable of anything good, but I desire the salvation of my brothers."

- Elder Makarios Maroudas

It also contains a Hagiologio book with the names of the celebrating saints

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