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In the field of literature, as in all art, the intellectual freedom and versatility of man finds its outlet par excellence and his creativity is verified in one of its highest forms. The intellectual, moral, cultural and social significance of this fact is extremely crucial: It proves the unlimited upward qualitative potential of consciousness, combined with the endless multiplicity and diversity that not only do not hinder the understanding and coexistence of people but also decisively support them . Moreover, since there are no watertight divisions between the activities of life, spiritual evolution documents the possibility of extending freedom and its progress throughout the sphere of cultural, social and political action - provided that no obstacles of self-interested pursuits are interposed that cause the arrest of universal progress .

Modern Greek literature, developed under adverse historical conditions, is yet another proof of this liberating and promoting potential. The persons and works that are the subject of the studies and articles in this book express searches and positive results of education, of timeless interest but also of current indicative value in a period of modern Greek historical life that is not among the happiest spiritually, morally and politically. The socially just, nationally dignified and rationally functional treatment of today's "crisis" will judge the possibility of recovery, the stability and ultimately the sufficient degree of survival of the country, for many decades to come.