Ιερά Μεγίστη Μονή Βατοπαιδίου
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In this book are recorded miracles of the Most Holy Theotokos that were performed with her graceful Girdle. The miracles are described by the beneficiaries in letters they sent to our Holy Monastery. They do not hide the Grace, they confess the beneficence. Other believers verbally confessed to us the healings of their illnesses in the places where we took the Sacred Belt for worship but they did not write. Many of the letters we have in our Monastery archive have the names, addresses and even the phone number of the senders. Where the above information exists, we record it. We note from the letters only the parts where the miracles are described.

The Bible uses a better term to express the miracle the term "sign". The point manifests, points to someone. It manifests God. A miracle is good, not because someone is healed, but because it simply reveals God to people. This is the most important thing. We usually look to the first, healing, which is small, and not to the manifestation of God's glory, which is greater.

This personal experience of the presence of God in their lives is confessed by the Christians who accepted the beneficial actions of the Virgin Mary. The beneficial effect of the miracle was the miracle of return and repentance, the manifestation of God. […] (Excerpt from the foreword of the publication)

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