From the shadow of error to the light of orthodoxy

Kenneth Klaus

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"I have a piece of advice for those stumbling down the treacherous path of Asian mysticism and meditation, even if it is limited to a simple walk to the corresponding esoteric shelves in their neighborhood bookstore: Whoever of them has recognized his own personal weakness and deficiency, he is ready to lift the Cross of Jesus, to be freed from his sin, the betrayal at the expense of God's love. It is a decision that springs from a deep need and leads man through repentance directly to the forgiving and loving embrace of Jesus .This road is not convenient and comfortable, no, but it is the greatest adventure that man can experience, especially with the prospect of victory and the conviction of eternal life.

"No one comes to the Father except through me," says Christ (John 18:6). No founder of any religion ever claimed to be the one and only God. Even if this exclusive claim of Jesus stands on the throat of most of our contemporaries as intolerant, uncondescending and unacceptable, "... preaching offensive to the Jews and foolish to the Gentiles" (1 Cor. 1, 23 ), however, it does not cease to be unshakably true. For humanity that suffers and is in pain, there is only one help: Jesus Christ, who can do everything. Only one thing cannot, and that is to enter your heart, when you do not want it.

A book that demystifies the modern "Trojan horses" of Asian mysticism and the false paths of human pursuits and highlights the safe path to self-knowledge and truth: The face of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the light of the Orthodox faith and the fathers of the Church.

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