The Pictorial Performance "I expect Resurrection of the Dead and Life of the Future Age" in the Sanctuary of the Church of the Assumption in Sartrouville in Paris

Louis Konstantinos

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The Last Supper and the Priestly Prayer of Jesus, embodying the cross-resurrection theology and theology of the entire Trinitarian Work of the Divine Economy, guide us to the divine-human life of theo-imification, the truly ineffable and transcendent and infinite.

The Divine Eucharist and Communion and the Hesychast Prayer of Jesus Christ, as a vertical and horizontal antenna, constitute the Cross of the Whole of Prayer, at the center of the life in God of the Church of Christ and of each of our sanctified brothers. The cross-resurrecting Whole of the Prayer in God, is carried out as a life-giving death in Christ and as a Resurrection from the dead, and recovering but also transcending the original beauty and the original image of man, they end as the Heart of the Divine Love Liturgy, in the new and divine and human hypostatic Mystery of "This Incarnation".

The cross-resurrected Heart of the Liturgy of Love, of his divine-human Mystery of the Incarnation of Christ, is exactly the defining reference of his text, as well as of all my iconographic work and its inspirations, in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament of Sartrouville, in Paris.
Whoever, "clinging to the Lord", ardently desires "to be with Christ" and seeks with unceasing prayer and true suffering of Christ, the Life in God, is granted entrance into the mystery of divine Desire. Divine Lust, as the flaming root of the heavenly fire of divine Love, which acts as divine-human love, through Hesychia as "thoughtful silence", which the Most Holy Theotokos first revealed, leads to the wonderful, unique and incomparable Encounter with the Living God, after of the supreme Person of Jesus Christ.

In the 21st century, the times are already shrinking, and God is calling, and the heavenly Kingdom of God is approaching. Let all human energy and practice and theory fully minister to the sanctification of the Name and Form of Jesus Christ, and to the fulfillment, as in heaven and on earth, of the divine Will. And all the earthly and universal creativity of world life and Culture and all its individual arts, may they work together in the infinite coming of the common and indefinable and divine-human Kingdom of the Triune God.

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