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The relationship between religion and politics has come into sharp and bloody focus in recent years, due to the emergence and action of Islamist movements. Political Islam, in all its versions, is certainly the main form of politicization of religion today, but not the only one.

The question of the relationship between religion and politics is, of course, not current. And while this relationship is ancient, the critical debate on its understanding, in its historical development, is newer, as is the debate on its regulation within the context of modern democracy.

This book is an attempt to understand the relationship between religion and politics, as expressed in Christianity and the spiritual history of Europe. Two studies are devoted to Islam, one on the Koranic starting point and one on the horrifically current Islamic State (ISIS). There are no texts about the Greek Orthodox Church and its relationship with politics, because, on the one hand, the matter has been discussed enough and, on the other hand, it is intellectually indifferent to easily take credit for progress by denouncing the nationalism of the Orthodox Churches.

The authors of the volume: Kostas Androulidakis, Petros Vassiliadis, Gerasimos Vokos, P. Evangelos Ganas, Thodoris Dritsas, Dionysis G. Drosos, Angeliki Ziakas, Stavros Zoumboulakis, Panagiotis Petrou, Michalis Filippou.