Father Philotheos Pharos

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In an era where no stone is left unturned, where everything seems trivial and tested and the deepest human values, such as the role of the father in the family, but much more in the area of ​​the Church, have been lost, the author, a spiritual father himself, he trusts his concerns and comes with this book to highlight the role of the fatherhood of the clergy that we all long to find again in the Church. If we look for some characteristics in the personality of the clergyman we would choose as a pastor, we would intuitively, but certainly, conclude: "a genuine person, kind-hearted, with forgiveness for people's sins, who does not deal with indignation and criticism of our situation , whatever it may be. A good listener who does not try to monopolize the conversation, either with probing questions or dogmatic answers, but with sympathy . . . and respect for what we entrust to him. (. . .) (FROM THE BACK COVER OF THE BOOK)

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 334

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ISBN: 978-960-700-695-0

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