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The sermon is a call to repentance and commitment to the Cross of Christ, with which the Church always assembles and reconstitutes its communities. This constitutive moment of the Eucharistic gathering and the life of the Church in general has fallen into complete obsolescence today in Greece, as evidenced by the very use of the word in everyday speech. Preaching in the Greek Orthodox Church, as practice and theory, is once again at an almost zero point. The gap is indeed enormous, and the present edition certainly does not aim to fill it, but rather has the opposite ambition, to make it more intense and dramatic. At hand Kyriakodromium and Ortodromium it consists of written sermons (that is, sermons that have not been delivered before a specific community) of professors in our Theological Schools.

The authors of the volume: Savvas Agouridis, Charalambos Atmatzidis, Sotirios Despotis, Thomas Ioannidis, Christos Karakolis, Ioannis Karavidopoulos, Miltiadis Constantinou, Konstantinos Belezos, Georgios Patronos, Stelios L. Papalexandropoulos, Aikaterini Tsalabounis, Stamatis Chhas adzistamatio.

Foreword: Stavros Zoumboulakis

Note on the Sundays : Father Antonios Pinakoulas

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ISBN: 978-960-8053-82-3

Κωδικός: 25-80523