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Most of the Christians, even though we are members of the Church, we experience our faith religiously. By glorifying God and worshiping Him, we seek to reap protection from death, sickness, poverty, worldly failure and all related afflictions that threaten our earthly bliss. We are Christ's servants and not Christ's equals. Every time we think that He does not care for the preservation of our earthly happiness, we leave Him and look for profitable substitutes that will help us build our earthly paradise. We worship the crucified Lord and ask Him to free us from our personal cross, that is, not to allow us to achieve our Christification.

But if we don't go through our personal test like Christ, in our personal Gethsemane, if we don't voluntarily choose to pay for our existence in Christ with our existential annihilation, it is not possible to have a saving life and a saving death".

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