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The new book of the distinguished professor of Philosophy of Medicine Mr. Herman Tristram Engelhardt entitled "After God, Ethics and Bioethics in the Age of Secularization", presents with particular clarity the state of Ethics and Bioethics in "after God" and Godless phase of it and exposes his judgments and proposals. In the modern moral and social disintegration and incoherence, serious and responsible scientific discourse, which respects and selflessly informs man, is a priceless treasure.

The modern man relying on the achievements of science and technology and being trapped in an illusory worldly immortality forgets his inner world and spends himself in serving his material needs and satisfying his physical senses. He seeks comfort and individual well-being, although he empirically finds that in this way he does not find peace and happiness, but sinks more and more into his loneliness and disappointment. Abandoning God as the center of reference of his personal and social life deadens his spiritual world and paralyzes his social relations. Man shrinks into his individualism and is alienated from his humanity.

(From the presentation on the back cover of the book)