Belief, existence, relationships

Collective work

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Belief, existence, relationships

Who am I and where do I come from?

Why was I born and what should I do with my life?

Where do I hide, fit or share the intensity of my desire for the other?

How dare I trust love, when at the same time I will live and die?

What is wrong with me and is wear and tear changing me?

The texts of this book try to raise the questions and trace the connection of faith, existence and relationship in an environment of loss of face. Without succumbing to the utopia of ready answers, they feel the hope of another life, through true adulthood.

They write:

Father Charalambos Papadopoulos | Alexis Lappas

Victory of Dragon | Fr. Varnavas Yagou

Fr. Vassilios Thermos | Theofanis Karagiannis

Ioannis Lappas | Father Spyridon Vasilakos

Panagiota Mama-Agapiou

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